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Our briefing in advance of the 2017 ex-COP. Calling for the EU to align its international policy on toxics with the Circular Economy, for a clean an toxic free future.

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Zero Waste Europe's March 2017 position paper on the revised Renewable Energy Directive. Highlighting key contradictions between RED II and Circular Economy policies.

Available in: English

This policy paper looks at the harmful subsidies which are directed to waste-to-energy under the guise of renewable energy.

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This position paper outlines that Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), if used well, can be one of the cornerstones of the transition towards a circular economy. It is a tool that has the potential to provide economic incentives for producers to better design their products, while better implementing the polluter pays principle and penalizing non-circular products.

A joint position paper with a number of European NGO's exploring 'false solutions' to waste reduction and the role that bioplastics play. The report emphasises the need to focus on waste prevention over technological fixes.

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Lacking the power to implement waste collection and management practices, Roubaix had to find new ways to transition to zero waste. The Town is addressing waste at source, by creating a vibrant constellation of actors committed to reducing their waste, including families, schools and businesses.

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In the North of Italy, the City of Parma presents a vivid example of a transition from traditional waste management to Zero Waste in only 4 years. The key for their success: political will, involvement of civil society and a strategy based on minimising residual waste.

Available in: English, French, Polish & Slovenian. Other languages coming soon!

Front page of ESD policy briefingThis policy paper lays out Zero Waste Europe's position on the waste sector under the Effort Sharing Decision, based on research demonstrating the true impact of that waste has on greenhouse gas emissions.

Available in English

Screenshot from 2016-01-22 11:00:22The Executive Summary of our report into the potential that waste management poses for the transition to a low carbon economy. This report commissioned by Zero Waste Europe, in partnership with Zero Waste France and ACR+  and conducted by Eunomia, highlights key problems with the current UNFCCC waste inventories, as well as providing recommendations for their improvement.

The Executive Summary includes key recommendations and findings from the full report.

Available in: English, French, Polish

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